Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) is a structured group meeting or discussion about a traumatic event or series of events.   It is designed to mitigate the psychological impact of a traumatic event and prevent subsequent development of a posttraumatic syndrome.  The core focus of CISD is the relief of stress in normal, emotionally healthy people who have experienced traumatic events.  It also serves as an early indicator for individuals who need mental health follow-up.   The CISD services are usually rendered at the employees place of business.

What our clients are saying

“Paul not only helped our family with his services, but he made us feel welcome and cared for each time we saw him. The environment made our treatment feel relaxed, unrushed, and valuable. Paul was flexible with our busy schedule and was always available if we needed assistance. We would absolutely recommend his services. Our marriage and lives are better managed and more successful because of Paul. We owe him and his business a debt of gratitude.

Henry L.

“Paul has worked with me and helped me through the most difficult times of my years. He is an exceptionally skilled and compassionate therapist who has helped me increase my self confidence and build better relationships with others. Paul continually reminds me that life is an amazing journey by empathizing, listening to what I have to say and giving me the courage to be the best me. Thank you for always being there for me Paul!”

S. M.

“You’re making a difference, a difference that has touched me and I can say many, many others. Thank you so much!”

Mary H.